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    A brand to fall in love with

    Schatz Genuss takes you on a culinary journey full of unique taste moments. Our mission is to refine your meals quickly and easily. All sauce and delicacy creations are based on our own recipes, which were developed in our own gourmet manufactory. At the same time our products impress with their irresistible and temptingly delicious taste!

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    A real adventure

    Our products combine the taste of distant countries with regional delicacies. This creates a large and exotic variety of products. Whether with meat or fish, vegetables, pasta or sweets, mediterranean, asian, warm or cold - thanks to Schatz Genuss you will find many refined and delicious ideas of new sauces and finest gourmet foods! There is something for every connoisseur!

Family tradition

SCHATZ GENUSS builds on a long tradition that has been shaped by various generations. Many of our products have a classic basic recipe and are partly produced with ancient ingredients. This tradition characterizes both the product portfolio and the craft.

📚The beginning

Our story of delightment

It all started with the curry sauce, the king of sauces. Our gourmet expert Silvia created it in a night and fog action in our own four walls for an upcoming catering, as all the brand products she bought did not meet her culinary expectations. With much love and passion she played around with recipes and finally found the perfect combination of best ingredients for a curry sauce that will always be remembered for its taste. She conquered the palates of the guests in no time at all and quickly became a permanent favourite in our catering business. The idea for Schatz Genuss was born.
It is not so easy to go from idea to action. Sometimes in life one falls into a thing "so pure", but often the ongoing daily routine prevents one from devoting sufficient energy to a new project. Our Schatz Genuss project "simmered" internally for a long time in family life on the side. But at the beginning of 2020, some serious events led to the fact that thoughts, conceptions and ideas turned into office sessions, days of research and night-long recipe tinkering. We formed two teams: The creative team with Alexander and Silvia for new sauces and gourmet recipes and the second team for the bureaucratic processes, such as building and authority applications, calculations, bank discussions, contacts to networkers, suppliers, food technologists, funding consultants, architects, craftsmen and others, so that the financing and construction of the connoisseur factory could finally be implemented.

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